Resilience, wellbeing and good health

In this section you will find information on resilience, wellbeing and good health.

Staying fit


Mental stimulation

Staying connected

  • Wellbeing SA
    Wellbeing SA provides South Australians and their families with valuable resources, tools and information to support improving wellbeing by staying healthy, active and connected.
    Source: Wellbeing SA
  • The Older Persons COVID-19 Support Line
    Source: Australian Government, Department of Health
  • Community Visitors Scheme
    MCCSA runs a Community Visitors Scheme for people aged 65 or over, speaking languages other than English and who are receiving a home care package – on the waiting list for home care package or in residential care. To be connected with CVS coordinator please ring 8345 5266.
    Source: Australian Government, Department of Health and MCCSA Inc.
  • Coping with isolation and being at home
    Source: Beyond Blue
  • Activities for seniors in Adelaide
    Source: Australian Seniors
  • SA Community finder
    South Australia’s community information directory. Find out how you can connect with and get involved in your community
    Source: SA Community
  • Be Connected
    Be Connected is an Australian government initiative committed to increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians.
    Source: Be Connected
  • Affects of loneliness and isolation – where to get help
    Source: Health Direct